Corporate Information
“Clean Environment, Clean Earth, Clean Future.”
 Environmental concerns are among the most important global issues today because they directly affect the quality of human life at a global level.
 The world has only recently begun to address global environmental needs, but the efforts have quickly become widespread.
 Today, the environmental and renewable energy industries are among the leading industries as we progress further into the 21st century. ECO Solutions Co., Ltd. is a leader in the environment industry and is set to become a leader in the renewable energy industry as well.
 We specialize in advanced environmental technologies involving soil remediation and water de-contamination.
 On the renewable energy front, we have engaged in a large-scale, multi-million U.S. dollar bio-diesel project.
 At full operation, we will produce among the largest quantities of bio-diesel in the world. Until recently, our target market was limited to South Korea. Currently, we have well embarked on our way to expanding into other Asian countries and our vision is to expand our operations globally. The environment covers the entire world and so will our endeavors to protect it.

ECO Solutions Co., Ltd.
President Kwon HyukIl