Land Development & Value-Added Services
Civil & Building Constractions
Closely tied to ECO Solutions’ environmental services are its construction and land development expertise. After remediation of contaminated sites, often referred to as brownfields, ECO Solutions provides its value-added services for construction and land development on such sites (e.g., those that accommodated fuel storage areas, gas stations, refinery facilities, petrochemical complexes, and landfills).

Brownfields are abandoned, idled, or under-used industrial or commercial property that are often environmentally contaminated and are often considered as a potential redevelopment site. Especially in a country with limited geographic space, such as South Korea, the business of remediating and redeveloping brownfields is crucial to the maximization of land use, which in turn promotes economic efficiency and quality living standards.

ECO Solutions offers full-package value-added services for the maximized use of brownfields, which begins with our consulting and environmental assessment, and continues with our remediation of, development of, and construction on the particular site. Our experience includes construction of office buildings, factories, shopping centers, sewage systems, water supply facilities, and roads on brownfields or sites with higher contamination concentrations.