Land Development & Value-Added Services
Civil & Building Constractions
Land Development & Value Added Services business is related to Environmental Site Assessment, Soil Remediation, and Environmental Contamination Restoration business, which is the key leading business of ECO Solutions Co., Ltd.
ECO Solutions has constantly driven this “Land Development & Value Added Services” business through restoration an environmental contamination and value making redevelopment projects for industry facilities and sites containing environmental contamination source such as a fuel storage place, a gas station site, a refinery facility, a petrochemical industry complex, and an insanitary landfill area.
ECO Solutions also has been conducting diverse civil and architectural construction works as a general construction contractor since ECO Solutions has performed the UST/AST maintenance, repair and upgrading service projects connected with the Tank Tightness Test for UST/AST at nationwide USFK installation as an awarded Contractor for USACE, FED IDIQ Project.
Contents of Business
Contaminated Site Redevelopment for an oil storage place, a gas station, a refinery facility, a chemical
    factory site, an abandoned mine, and an insanitary landfill
Removal, Installation, and Upgrading Underground Storage Tanks & Aboveground Storage Tanks
General Construction Work including Building Construction (Office, Factory, Shopping Center), and Civil
    Construction (Sewerage, Water Supply Facility, Road Repairing)