The most important variable of the production and supply in the biodiesel field is the feedstock. It is within bounds to say that the cost of biodiesel production fully depends on what kind of feedstock we use.
Currently, rapeseed oil is used wildly in Europe, and soybean oil in the US. For the present, rapeseed oil is overwhelmingly occupied owing to the EU biodiesel production volume is the biggest and sunflower and soybean oil are following after that.
The cost of biodiesel production narrows more and more against fossil fuel because of the increase of grain cultivation area, the sharp increase in grain production volume, and the wild fluctuation in petroleum price

This security of price competitive power is the magnificent factor for the expansion of biodiesel use.
Particularly in case of our country, it has a low self-sufficiency of grain, it means stable security of feedstock becomes the primary factor

Source material for biodiesel is usually derived from widely available vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil and these are edible plants, so that, they were used wildly in the food market. From now on, there will be able to bring agriculture disorder with demand and supply imbalance due to sudden biodiesel production increase and regulations for the food market first from main vegetable oil producer countries

Therefore, Security feedstock is the key to divide into success or failure in the biodiesel field. Above all, we will produce qualified and competitive biodiesel on the basis of the biodiesel production plant which we were established in Malaysia where is the biggest production country of vegetable oil, and the 150000 hectare plantation for securing feedstock for Jatropha and the rest around Philippines and Indonesia.

[Specific gravity of vegetable oil production and biodiesel feedstock]
  specific gravity of vegetable oil production Specific gravity of Biodiesel feedstock
Palm 33% 1%
Soybean 31% 2%
Rapeseed 14% 83%
Sunflower 8% 13%
Peanut 5%
Cotton seed 4%
Coconut 3%
Olive 2%
Other 1%
Total 100% 100%
Source: Production, Supply and Distribution Online, United States Department of Agriculture
           2005 [Korea Institute of Energy Research]
[Production efficiency of vegetable oil]
Source : Oil World 2005
[Trend of main vegetable oil]
Source : Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg and OilWorld 2005